The last day of school is right around the corner! Does your family have a special tradition to honor your kiddos last day of school? I know some families that have a big end of the school year get together while others do something more low-key like a special treat to celebrate the last day. What is your families favorite way to say good-bye to the school year and kick off summer break?

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  •   -   05/17/2018

    Fun poll! For our family, the last day of school is the one time a year we let them get ice cream from the rip-off truck...I mean the ice cream truck. My poor kids look forward to it all year!

    •   -   05/17/2018

      Ha!! Rip-off truck indeed! :) What a treat, to finally be able to answer the call of that traveling, musical siren!

    •   -   05/17/2018

      That is great! You are a nice mom! I just tell my kids it is on another street and then head to the backyard to avoid them seeing the truck strolling down our street.

    •   -   05/18/2018

      Haha! Rip-off truck!

  •   -   05/18/2018

    This our first year in our new town and I'm excited to find a new tradition for us. I've heard that a lot of families celebrate the last day at the town beach.

  •   -   05/19/2018

    I usually have my kids wear the same outfit they wore on the first day and take pictures on the last day to see how much they’ve grown. It’s amazing! And sometimes a small video interview asking them what they are looking forward to in the summer. My middle guy is requesting I drench them with water balloons off the bus, but I’m goimg to have to say no to that! :)

  •   -   05/16/2018

    We generally do a popicle party at the bus stop.

  •   -   01/11/2019

    This year our daughter is in 5th Grade and they rent trolleys to take them to their last day of elementary school. Plus, at the end of school they have a parade.

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