When my kids were younger, the Fall and Spring time changes both wreaked havoc on their schedules. As they get older, the time change is a little easier to handle, but it is still equivalent to a one-hour jet lag. Do your kids do better with one time change over the other or are both equally hard or easy to get used to? Sleep deprived parents want to know!

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  •   -   11/04/2018

    We're super relaxed with bedtimes and wake times since we homeschool, so that makes time changes a breeze either way!

    •   -   11/07/2018

      This makes homeschooling such a nice option....the worst part of my day is getting 4 kids + myself ready and out the door by 7:15 am!

  •   -   11/05/2018

    Having that extra time to sleep and having daylight earlier in the morning seems to be an easier transition for us physically although nothing beats having extra daylight in the evening when we spring forward.

  •   -   11/06/2018

    My kids are nuts for the week after the fall back change. They're up extra early in the morning, they're tired too early in the evening. They're 7 and 5 and still have a hard time adjusting to the change. The idea of an extra hour of sleep is laughable in my house; we get less sleep on the time change.

    •   -   03/10/2019

      Definitely! The fall time is the worst because my kids are up before 5 instead of before 6, it's pitch black for ages, and they're ready for bed in early evening. I love the spring time change now.

  •   -   12/31/2018

    I was bracing myself for some serious crazy, but we haven’t had any issues with time changes yet! Fingers crossed, since my kiddos are still young...

  •   -   11/14/2018

    I feel like this is getting easier as they get older (out of toddler years) but harder on me as I get older :)

  •   -   03/07/2019

    I don’t think either really has an effect on my kids now that they’re older. When they were little fall back was definitely harder!

  •   -   03/13/2019

    So far they've been easy, but I expect that to change! We're actually going through some sleep issues in general right now (SAD FACE) so it ended up that this Saturday night was just like any other night, but not in a good way! Ha!

  •   -   03/14/2019

    My kids had a hard time waking up this week after Spring Forward. It is always a special Spring treat! But we do love the extra daylight!

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