Raw fish wrapped in avocado, seaweed and rice topped with roe (fish eggs) and wasabi can be intimidating to eat. Do your kids eat sushi? If so, what is the best sushi for kids? Please share in the comments which rolls are their favorites!

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  •   -   10/07/2019

    Avocado rolls are our (only) favorite so far.

  •   -   10/08/2019

    One of mine does, and the other doesn't. But luckily we have found a sushi place that offers some other options she enjoys. My sushi lover tends to do better with rolls that are smaller in size, and particularly likes the ones with shrimp in them.

  •   -   10/09/2019

    Our kids love rolls, though they typically stick with avocado, cucumber, and/or shrimp tempura. My more adventurous eater will probably move on to raw fish soon enough, now that she’s a little older!

  •   -   11/14/2019

    None of my kids have tried it. Fish is a hard sell for them. They do like breaded fish so maybe we will give cooked sushi a try or some sort of veggie roll.

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