I love food with a nice, spicy kick to it, and so does my oldest son! My others complain their food is too spicy if I put too much pepper on their eggs. What about your kids?

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  •   -   02/01/2019

    My youngest tends to neglect drinking sufficient amounts of water - so we especially love wings, tacos, chinese (general tso!), or indian food nights that get her chugging glass after glass...

  •   -   02/03/2019

    My oldest discovered hot sauce when he was about 6. He would put hot sauce on his buttered noodles and loved it! Then he got introduced to hot buffalo wings and is now addicted. The hotter the better. Ironically he happens to be my “picky” eater overall.

  •   -   02/02/2019

    One of my kids loves spicy food and my other one doesn't. A little bit of hot sauce is usually okay for both though!

  •   -   03/19/2021

    We keep trying, but 6 and 3 years in, still no love. Every once in a while we can sneak a mild bbq sauce onto a meatball, but only in small quantities.

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