The first day of school is quickly approaching and my daughter has been pouring over online stores for the "perfect" first day of school outfit. My younger child could care less what he wears on the first day. Do you usually buy your children a special outfit for their first day of school or do you just pull something from their existing wardrobe?

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  •   -   08/03/2018

    Wow this is all very interesting! I guess having three girls things are different in our house! 🤪

  •   -   08/01/2018

    Growing up, I loved picking out my first day of school outfit and when I was young it was always a dress. With boys and the fact that it's still summer weather at the end of August they typically just want to wear their same summer clothes.

  •   -   08/03/2018

    I usually can wrangle my boys into a collared shirt but last year I let my son pick whatever he wanted because I still had guilt about moving to a new town that summer and making him start at a new school. He picked gym shorts and a quick dry shirt.... he looked cute and very himself but definitely not what I would have gone with for the first day.

    •   -   08/06/2018

      Ain’t that the truth. Boys today = athletic shorts and dry fit shirts!

  •   -   08/02/2018

    I agree with you, boys are SO different than girls when it comes to the first day of school. My boys would prefer to pull the same old clothes they’ve worn all summer out on the first day. My daughter is starting kindergarten this year so if couse she picked out a new backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, shoes and dress! She wants to dress to impress. Ha!

  •   -   08/01/2018

    Yes for sure! It is a tradition for us!

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