My toddler recently got the dreaded rotavirus for a week, and I spent the entire time unsure what to do with my 7-month-old. (Looks like he got it too, but the jury is still out for the next day or so). Do you try to keep sick kids away from their siblings, or just assume they've all already been exposed and stop stressing?

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  •   -   03/01/2019

    It really depends on what type of illness. If it's a cold or something then no, it's not worth trying to keep them apart. However if it's a stomach bug type of thing we do our best to quarantine them from the rest of the house to try and stop the spread. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but that's a misery I'd rather spare "sharing."

  •   -   03/01/2019

    My kids have never been sick to the point where I felt I had to keep them separated - which would be near impossible anyway (unless my oldest is eating cereal). Sometimes one will get sick from the other, but more often than not, the sick kid doesn't get anyone else sick.

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