As we hear more and more about the risks for kids on social media outweighing the benefits, especially for our daughters, I am curious to know what sort of action parents are taking on this. Do you (or will you) allow social media for your kids?

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  •   -   10/06/2021

    Our kids are 14 and 12 and so far haven’t felt the lack of social media. Since they’ve never had it, they don’t miss it, and have heard us talking about its challenges enough that they are not too drawn to it, especially since it’s so easy for them to communicate directly with friends via text or video chat. As they get older I imagine we’ll revisit our policy, but we plan to keep them away from social media as long as possible.

  •   -   10/07/2021

    We allow our teens (16 and 14) to use social media, but only after family discussions about their safety, using discernment in posting, privacy settings, etc. And they know we will be checking up on them!

  •   -   10/30/2021

    My oldest (13) recently asked for social media (in the form of Tik Tok). After lots of discussion and reading about it, my husband and I agreed to let him have it. However, he is not allowed to post any videos or friend any strangers. And he knows Mom and Dad have full access to his account to check in on what he's doing on there. So far it has worked out fine for him, but I realize each child is different and not sure I'll feel the same way for my 11 or 8.5 year old when they get to that stage.

  •   -   10/10/2022

    While all my children(ages 9,6, and 4) have tablets I refuse for them to have social media right now. My oldest does have a cell phone as well but the most she is allowed is Tiktok(child account and monitored ofc). I'm not sure if I will ever allow them to use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter due to how much they could actually be exposed to.

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