I love schedules and I truly think my kids do better on them as well. However, summer hits and somehow the kids feel they have free range. For example, later bedtimes, no summer reading, no chores, more screen time, etc. So my question is do you establish summer rules that differ from school year rules?

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  •   -   06/10/2018

    We loosen bedtime rules for the summer (and slack on bathing...running through the sprinkler counts!), but add extra chores since the kids are home and making more messes!

    •   -   06/10/2018

      Yes I agree on the more messes equals more chores for sure! And the bathing too! I forgot about that part!

  •   -   06/08/2018

    So we have decided to let the kids stay up half an hour later for bedtime. They are however still to follow their chore list and in addition, they have summer reading they must do.

  •   -   06/09/2018

    My kids try and get away with so much during the summer. I let them "live a little", but I still try to mandate the chores, summer workbooks and reading time.

    •   -   06/09/2018

      Our third grader is part of a summer book club with her friends. They are all reading a book and then getting together to discuss it. I love that she can keep up with her reading in a fun way!

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