When my kids were toddlers, I used to hear, "don't eat your kids' leftovers because it could amount to mindless eating and extra calories all day long." But sometimes I am guilty of it, especially if they barely touch it and it can't be saved for another day. So I am wondering how everyone else feels about munching on their kids' leftover food...

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  •   -   07/19/2018

    Now I feel weird that I am a big yes on this. My toddler is a pretty neat eater, so its not like she's spitting food back on her plate and she eats pretty much everything I give her. It's mostly bread crusts I cut off for her and extra orange slices.

    •   -   07/20/2018

      Ha, me too. I can't stand throwing out food and often I don't think the food on their plates will keep well for another day, so I definitely end up eating their meals more often than I would like to! The only exception is the baby's - even I can't come around to eating squashed, spit-on leftovers :)

  •   -   08/13/2018

    Can't let anything go to waste. Especially if it tastes good :)

  •   -   07/19/2018

    To be honest, sometimes that's my lunch for the day. A handful of sweet potato cubes and some avocado haha!

  •   -   07/18/2018

    No, but maybe because there are none left for me after my husband gets to them.

    •   -   07/18/2018

      That is my husband with the leftover Halloween candy!

  •   -   07/31/2018

    If I make a salad for myself and French fries for the kids I can't let those extra crispy uneaten fries go to waste in the trash.

  •   -   07/19/2018

    My answer is definitely no. I kind of get grossed out by other people’s food so I usually only eat my leftovers. Ha!

  •   -   07/18/2018

    Leftovers usually get saved for themselves to eat instead of the snack they're "staaarving" for later. And I don't want their slops. :-) ... That said, we try to portion their plates as best as we know how much they can handle.

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