Welcoming a new baby into the house can be both exciting and stressful for older siblings. Some big kids love the idea of helping to take care of a new baby, while others worry that the new baby will steal all of the attention. Did your first child act out when you brought their younger sibling home or were they over the moon with excitement the whole time? Share your experience in the comments below!

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  •   -   10/25/2018

    My kids are 20 months apart so Dylan was young when Devon came along. I remember them sitting and watching each other, probably wondering who the other one was. The one tough thing was Dylan did not like me nursing Devon, because Dylan weaned at 14 months. He would cry and pull down my shirt. Then other times, he wanted to feed Devon his food which was super cute. But overall, it was a good transition, they don't realize what life is like without their brother.

  •   -   10/25/2018

    I was (pleasantly) surprised that none of my kids had too bad a time transitioning to being a big brother or sister or regressed in their behavior. There were a few moments when they realized they were no longer the baby though!

  •   -   10/25/2018

    My two are four years apart, so I expected some jealousy issues. But that never happened, and now they are absolutely best friends!

  •   -   10/26/2018

    I was prepared for some issues but my first was just so excited to have another little person in the house that it didn't seem to phase him at all. He also was only 22 months when I had my second and I think that helped.

  •   -   10/27/2018

    I had braced myself for some behavior issues with my 2 year old, but he's been in love with his baby brother from day 1!

  •   -   11/02/2018

    I think my oldest acted out a little but it also could’ve been his age as he was approaching the terrible twos.

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