For some women, pregnancy is a blissful, happy time. They look great, feel great, and love the attention the baby bump brings. For others, it's a struggle to get through the 40 weeks for a variety of reasons. Did you enjoy being pregnant? What was your experience? Was each pregnancy completely different?

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  •   -   02/05/2018

    There were some incredibly stressful moments but overall it was an amazing, happy experience!

  •   -   05/21/2018

    My 1st and 2nd pregnancies were like night and day! The first was so difficult and I had so many weird symptoms the whole time: dizziness/fainting, morning sickness till 34 weeks, gagged on vegetables even though I LOVE them (poor vegetarian me!), could not have a sip of water after 8 pm or I would throw up...Then my 2nd pregnancy and even delivery were super easy in comparison. There is hope for all the mama's worried about going through it all again! We struggled with secondary infertility/miscarriages for years after the first two pregnancies, so when babies 3 and 4 came along and were somewhere in between in terms of morning sickness and weird symptoms, I was still thrilled, lol.

  •   -   02/06/2018

    I actually had three very easy pregnancies, but being pregnant wasn't my favorite thing.

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