My daughter is only in her second year of dance, but the recital costumes are quickly accumulating! I hate to get rid of them because they were so pricey, but don't really want to keep them (all that glitter!). If your kids are involved in dance recitals, do you keep the costumes after the recitals have passed?

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  •   -   04/20/2018

    I'm not a dance mom but I remember playing dress up in my old dance recitals when I was little. Some of my favorite dance memories aren't from class or recitals, but from when I could wear my costume around the house once the recital was over.

  •   -   04/17/2018

    Yes, since we have three girls, if the outfits are too small for one sister, another one can wear them. We have them all in our dress-up bin in the basement. They make for great pretend playtime!

  •   -   04/25/2018

    Sam just got her costume last week and is dying to wear it! I have a feeling she'll be wanting to play dress up in that pricey, little dress!

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