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  •   -   02/24/2018

    Pampers Sensitive is my 1st choice for disposable wipes. At home, we cloth diaper, and I cannot get over how amazing Grovia cloth wipes are. They are the world's softest and cushiest wipes, and we keep them in our Prince Lionheart cloth wipes warmer - I swear, my baby has the most spoiled little bottom. He actually flinches when I use a cold, disposable wipe on him, lol.

  •   -   02/24/2018

    My kids are past the wipes stage, but I still have a baggie full of Kirkland wipes in my purse at all times. They're great for sticky faces and hands even for older kids!

  •   -   11/06/2020

    Since we discovered water wipes we have never gone back! Even “sensitive” lines in top name brands don’t feel nearly as clean, and my sensitive-skinned babies have responded super well to them - almost no diaper rashes, ever!

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