My kiddos used to love taking baths, but now they are all about taking showers. At what age did your children switch from playing in the tub to showering like a big kid?

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  •   -   02/08/2022

    We've alternated baths and showers since they were babies. At 5 & 8, they're now showering by themselves with a parent nearby to remind them of the task at have when they start playing a little too long.

  •   -   02/01/2018

    I have three girls so they all still take baths especially in the winter to warm up! However, I do have them shower in the morning before school. We started this process when they entered Kindgarten.

  •   -   03/01/2018

    My kids still want to take an occasional bath, but they both transitioned to mostly showers around age 4. It is so much faster and more convenient for us, and seems to use less water.

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