Who puts up the outdoor Christmas lights in your family?

Driving around my neighborhood every Christmas season, taking in the gorgeous displays that some of my neighbors roll out for the holidays, I always wonder...did they really get up on ladders and put those lights way up there on their own? Or are we the only ones around here who haven’t gotten with the program and hired someone to make our home dazzling every December?

Would love to know how your family gets those lights up on your home every year!

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  •   -   12/16/2017

    I put up our lights but only on the bushes or spots I can reach with a step ladder.

    •   -   12/16/2017

      That’s what we do!! When my dad visits, he pulls out the big ladder and gets the lights all the way to the top, but we’re too nervous about ladders to do it! So, some years our house looks better than others!

  •   -   12/16/2017

    Usually in our house it’s mostly dad! I’m not willing to climb the ladder!

  •   -   12/24/2017

    Dad does the lights, Mom takes care of the indoor decorating!

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