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  •   -   02/14/2018

    We are fortunate to have a preschool program that is like daycare, but it is a full-day of learning. My daughter goes all day and has different enrichments each day.

  •   -   02/15/2018

    My boys both started at an in-home day care, then to a full day preschool. My younger son is in his last six months there before he starts kindergarten. I'm going to miss the school, though not the cost of full day care!

  •   -   02/14/2018

    When she was really little both grandmas were helping. Now she is in daycare and loving it!

  •   -   02/15/2018

    My kids are in elementary school so I usually work then...and after they go to bed. I don't typically have to work daytime on school holidays. It is all about the juggle!

  •   -   02/20/2018

    I am so fortunate to be able to make my own schedule at work, so I am able to drop-off & pick-up from school and be home on days off. In the summer, grandma takes a day and we do 2 days of camp. It's a great balance.

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