Which is the best Sandra Boynton book?

We probably have more Sandra Boynton books in our house than any other board books combined - and for good reason! The colorful, simple images, the soothing rhyme and the playful silliness make them so much fun to read. And there are soooo many good ones! But if you had to pick just one, which would you say is your child's absolute favorite Sandra Boynton book?

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  •   -   04/07/2021

    We still sing snuggle puppy to our littles and even Alexa knows the song. Clearly the best!!!

  •   -   02/21/2021

    Barnyard Dance will forever be our favorite Sandra Boynton book. All of my kids have adored it and my oldest loved it so much as a toddler that we had a Barnyard Dance themed first birthday for him.

    •   -   02/22/2021

      What an adorable first birthday theme!!

  •   -   02/05/2021

    The sun has set not long ago. Now everybody goes below. To take a bath in one big tub with soap all over...scrub scrub scrub! One of our all-time favorite bedtime books, and I'm not surprised that I still know all the words years later!

    •   -   02/05/2021

      This one is my personal favorite, too!! My kids are obsessed with Doggies, though, and they almost never let me choose. 😁 They really love barking (and counting) along!

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