Which cream/oil worked best for your baby's dry skin or eczema?

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  •   -   05/09/2018

    We use coconut oil prior to getting in the shower, the. After shower apply CeraVe. If it’s really bad, Aquaphor goes on top of all of it.

    •   -   04/30/2019

      Yes!! We’ve also found that the combo of CeraVe and Aquaphor to be most effective by far, with CeraVe being our primary base (we’ve learned to keep jars of it in every room in our house for constant applications). Will have to throw coconut oil into the mix and see how that goes, too!

  •   -   04/25/2018

    Both of my kids had bad eczema as babies through the toddler years. I used to slather on Aquaphor after a bath using sensitive Dove soap when their skin was still wet. But unfortunately they ended up needing prescriptions from the dermatologist. I used EpiCeram which helped control the itch and dry patches. I would have tried coconut oil if I realized that could have helped. Their skin eventually cleared up beautifully and now I use regular unscented lotion - they are 9 and 7 years old now.

    •   -   04/30/2019

      EpiCeram has worked wonders for those persistent patches - so glad our allergist prescribed it!

      •   -   04/30/2019

        I was happy with EpiCerum too - it wasn't harsh like a hydrocortisone and really helped with the eczema.

  • Anonymous
      -   04/24/2018

    Coconut oil is a staple in my household. I give my baby a coconut oil massage after every bath and have done this since he was a newborn.

    •   -   04/24/2018

      I’ve got to try this! My poor little guy has terrible eczema, and it has been pretty much impossible to clear up over this long winter. Constantly applying Aquaphor and Cerave cream in rotation has worked best so far, but I’ll have to see what coconut oil does!

      • Anonymous
          -   04/25/2018

        Coconut oil is moisturizing, nourishing, and so versatile and can certainly be used to help with eczema flare ups.

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