When you go to a campground - what do you prefer to stay in?

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  •   -   07/23/2018

    We just bought a 1982 Airstream Excella with plans to renovate it and hit the road next year. I'm sure we'll still bring the tents for a few nights outside, but it will be nice having all of our creature comforts while we explore nature.

  •   -   07/20/2018

    In our experience, and given the time of year especially, we've really enjoyed cabins-- like KOA cabins, for example. To me and my fam, we love to explore and be immersed within nature-based play, but extended nights are unapologetically better with some "sleepover comfort." That's where cabins--with tiny kitchenette, bunk beds, mini fireplace, & bathroom--come best into play for our young family. We hope to experience "roughing it" later.

  •   -   07/19/2021

    Tent camping is our favorite family activity. We've tried several brands of camping gear (which can make or break your camping trip - hello, leaky tent!), and found REI has the best quality camping gear. REI sleeping pads are so cushy I feel like I'm sleeping in a bed.

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