When to get rid of the pacifier?

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  •   -   09/05/2018

    I'm not sure when the best time is to ditch the paci, but it took us 3 years with our first child. When he was getting ready to start preschool we wrote a letter to the "paci fairy" and mailed off his pacifiers so she could give them to a new baby that needed them (we mailed it to my parents house). It worked like a charm and we never had any relapses. Our second child really never took to one after the first month or so which was fine with me.

    •   -   10/09/2018

      This is amazing! I have a feeling we will need to resort to something similar with my daughter when it's time!

  •   -   09/05/2018

    While I'd say the best age is 1-2 years; full disclosure - my oldest was nearly 3 when he said goodbye to his.

    •   -   09/05/2018

      Yes! My 2.5 year old still uses hers to fall asleep (nap and bedtime). I'm not sure how to do away with it!

      •   -   09/06/2018

        Another mom of a hardcore paci lover here! Neither of my boys had any interest, but my daughter loves hers and is still going strong at 18 months. I'm thinking to try to cut back at age 2, but it's such a good soother that I can see age 3 slowly creeping up on us too :)

      •   -   09/06/2018

        I was a mean mom. For two out of three of my kids, I cut holes in the paci so the sucking mechanism was gone. Then I told them they were broken and we had to throw them away. Worked like a charm!

  •   -   09/04/2018

    Oof! Awaiting responses to this. My daughter is 14 months and she is very very attached to her Wubbanub(s)!!

  •   -   09/05/2018

    My two weren't too passionate about their pacis- we phased them out well before six months and they were fine with it. I felt so lucky it was so easy!

  •   -   09/06/2018

    we decided to just never give one, then its never an issue later

    •   -   02/25/2021

      That was our strategy for all four of our kids, too. We actually tried giving it to our first for a bit but she never took to it, so she ended up setting the strategy for the rest!

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