When did your child switch to a big kid bed?

When did your little one make the switch from a crib to a bed? Did baby jump out of the crib early? Was the crib needed for a new baby sibling? Or did your child stay in the crib a little too long? Tell us your story.

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  •   -   03/12/2018

    My younger boy was about 3.5 when he transitioned to a big bed. He loved the crib and probably would still be there if he could!

  •   -   06/30/2018

    I slipped a disc in my back when my little one was about 18 months old. Lifting him in and out of his crib was nearly impossible and kept the injury from healing, so we converted his crib to a toddler bed out of necessity. I was SO nervous that he wouldn't be ready, but he transitioned with zero issues from night one! Thank goodness he's such an easy-going kiddo!

  •   -   01/26/2019

    We are a little all over the place here. Our oldest was probably 18 months when he moved out of the crib. Our second was closer to two-years old. Our third is now 27-months old, and is still happy as a clam in her crib. Our fourth is ready to move into it, haha, but his sister is not ready to vacate.

  •   -   04/10/2018

    I waited as long as possible for my boys - my oldest I moved at 3 and my youngest at 2.75 when he started climbing out. Night sleep hours went way down for both of them once we switched. I'm keeping my daughter in as long as possible!

  •   -   03/25/2018

    All mine switched at around 2 (a little before, a little after). My older two boys needed to move for the new baby. Then when I thought my youngest would stay in the crib for a long time, she decided to jump out right around 2. Had to switch her to the big girl bed then.

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