When did your baby take first steps?

First-time parents may find themselves stressing over new baby milestones. But good friends and doctors truly encourage everyone to understand that healthy children develop at their own pace! When did your baby take his or her first steps?

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  •   -   01/13/2018

    My 4 kids were all over the map on when they took their first steps, the earliest was 9 months, the latest 14 months, and yet all fell within the parameters of "normal" development. Kids are unique!

    •   -   01/16/2018

      And surprising, too! On one end, my daughter took first steps at 9 months and yet on another milestone, she wouldn't chew solid foods until after 2! It's always good to discuss with the doc if ever a concern.

  •   -   01/18/2018

    All three of mine were 11 months old. They had friends who started earlier and friends who started later. I agree that parents do stress about that. Great poll!

  •   -   01/30/2018

    My 15-month old has no interest in walking! She's taken some steps, so I know she can do it, but she is not showing any signs of wanting to make it her full-time method of mobility. ;/

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