When did you let your child sit in the front seat?

I remember growing up and fighting with my sister about who got to sit in the front seat. Until now, all my kids have sat in the back. Upon reading our state law, it looks like there are no laws about sitting in the front seat past 8; just suggested guidelines. When did you let your child start sitting in the front seat?

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  •   -   12/18/2018

    I haven't yet since Dylan is 10 and in a booster, but I am thinking probably around age 13 since both of my kids are small.

  •   -   12/24/2018

    I have just started letting our 12 year old sit in the front for short local rides around town or if our back seats are filled with younger kids. I still get nervous about it though with the air bags so I haven't done it yet for highway trips.

  •   -   12/27/2018

    This is useful to know. I was wondering about this, but haven't looked up the laws in my state since I know its a long way off for us.

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