What type of vacation destination does your family visit most frequently?

My husband and I have been lamenting that all our vacation time and money has been spent visiting long-distance family members for as long as we can remember. We dream of having a REAL vacation, with no obligations or expectations! So I'm wondering -- how does your family spend most of your vacation time?

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  •   -   09/23/2018

    Oh my goodness. I couldn't agree more with this! We actually are considering moving closer to my family, and we constantly say that one of the benefits would be not having to take vacation time to travel there anymore!

    •   -   09/27/2018

      We live 15 minutes from all of my family, but my husband's family is a 13 hour drive away (without stops). That's quite a hike, especially with a baby and a toddler!

  •   -   09/23/2018

    We were definitely in the same boat when our kids were younger. Don't get me wrong, we still visit family, but our trips seem to get shorter each time. Now we take at least a week or two during the year for just our family to travel together. We usually go to the beach every summer and sometimes throw in a spring break or fall vacation in the mix. Just got back from 8 days in Orlando visiting Disney and Universal. Talk about some good old family bonding time!

  •   -   10/03/2018

    We are a family that loves a good beach! Of course, as the kids get older, exploring more complicated settings (mountains, being one example) is on the horizon!

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