What type of school do your kids attend?

The Upparent community is extremely diverse, and with all this back-to-school talk I'm curious to know how you've chosen to educate your kiddos.

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  •   -   09/04/2018

    I am grateful that our town's public school system is stellar. Also, my town is small (only about 7,000 people) and that helps the town maintain low student to teacher ratios. My son went to kindergarten in a different town and he had 25 kids in his class, while his first grade class in our new town had 18.

    •   -   09/19/2018

      That's a great ratio. We're at 22 in my son's 2nd grade class now and I wish it was a bit smaller. The issue is that everyone keeps moving to my town, so the classes keep increasing in size!

      •   -   09/19/2018

        My town is really small and fortunate to have a solid tax base to fund the budget so the schools work hard to keep class size down. I know it may not always be the way so I'm enjoying it while I can.

  •   -   09/04/2018

    This looks to be our kids' last year in public school. We love our district, but we need more travel and nature in our lives. So, it looks like we'll be homeschooling (roadschooling) next year.

    •   -   09/22/2018

      Roadschooling….now that's a concept I've not heard of, but it sounds awesome!

  •   -   09/02/2018

    We live in one of the top school districts (and fastest growing) in Ohio so public school for us all the way. We've had nothing but a great experience at the elementary school my kids attend.

  •   -   09/19/2018

    I went from K-12 to the same private school and always assumed I'd send my kids to private school too, because the public school where I grew up wasn't great. I now live in an area with great public schools, so my oldest is in elementary there and we love it!

  •   -   09/19/2018

    My kids are in public elementary school which is fine. The teachers are great. We're moving this Winter so they will switch to a different public school. I cannot justify the expense of private school, and I grew up in public school from K-12 so have no problem doing the same for my kids.

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