What's the best age for a child's first movie theater experience?

With so many new kids movies premiering around the holidays, I've got movies on the brain. I've seen toddlers at the movies, but I've also known 7-year-olds who have never been. What do you think is the most appropriate age to take a child to the movie theater for the first time?

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  •   -   12/01/2018

    Movies were so tough with my second child until he was about 4. Ages 3 and below, we would need frequent breaks to run around in the halls, the sound was too loud, etc. So I vote age 4 as the ideal first movie, where everyone can really enjoy it!

  •   -   12/03/2018

    I think it all depends on the kid. My oldest went to his first movie at 18 months and did great! He almost made it through the whole thing. My second guy did not go until he was 3 or 4. He did not have the patience to sit still for anything so waiting until he was older helped. Funny, I can’t remember my youngest daughters first movie, but I’d imagine it was between 3 and 4.

  •   -   12/03/2018

    I think my kids first enjoyed going to the movie theater around age 3-4. I remember bringing my daughter to a $1 summer kids movie when she was 2 1/2 and she was definitely not ready to sit still for that long.

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