What is your parenting go-to splurge item?

I was at the bus stop the other day and I had my Starbucks coffee with me. Another parent commented on why I didn't get a coffee maker and save myself some money. The issue is I HAVE a coffee maker, but sometimes I treat myself to a trip to Starbucks before my day begins. So my question is do you have something that you splurge on once in a while? As parents, we are always taking care of our kids. Sometimes I think it's nice for mom or dad to treat themselves!

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  •   -   10/02/2018

    I’m exactly the same way! I know how to make a great latte or iced coffee at home, but I just enjoy the luxury of having it made for me....It’s a simple pleasure that goes a long way for me.

  •   -   10/03/2018

    I make my morning coffee every day I work from home. I enjoy getting a great cup of coffee made by someone else on the way to soccer or swim lessons and I feel zero guilt for it.

  •   -   10/03/2018

    Agree with all of the above- and as much as I love a new outfit or a manicure, coffee is a much less expensive splurge which means I can do it more often ;)

    •   -   10/03/2018

      Right! Why have one great outfit when you can have 50 days of great coffee ;)

  •   -   10/07/2018

    As a non-coffee drinker I can’t vote for that one. I would say that I like to treat myself with some retail therapy (aka shopping)!

  •   -   11/04/2018

    I agree with all of these. Buying coffee is definitely a luxury, but keeping up with babies and/or kids can be exhausting. Sometimes it's nice to treat yourself to a little splurge!

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