What is your favorite kid-friendly feature in your vehicle?

Having driven used cars for most of my life, I did not realize how many convenient features newer car models have these days...until we got our mini van! At the time it was so hard to decide which of these many perks would really add value and be worth the cost, but now I am SO thankful not to have to go digging around for my keys to open the van door or trunk when I am carrying a diaper bag, three grocery bags, a kid, etc (sound familiar???), and can't imagine going back to life with keys!

What is your car's number one feature that makes it so much easier to drive your family around?

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  •   -   04/16/2018

    Sliding doors are my favorite! I swore I would never get a minivan, but now that we have one, I love pushing a button and letting them in the car. And they are not hitting any cars around us when we are parked either when they open the doors. Another plus! And it has a sensor so no one gets their fingers stuck in the door. Yes, I am happy to do a P.S.A. on minivan doors!

    •   -   04/17/2018

      I am right there with you on the sliding doors. The best! And now that my kids can all buckle themselves in, I love them even more. We are in need of a new family car soon and probably outgrowing the mini van but not sure I can give up those sliding doors!

    •   -   04/27/2018

      This so funny I was the same, I was sure that I will never drive a mini van until I tried one and just loved it. I love that the sliding doors are stress free from keep watching the kids when opening the back doors and always be afraid from bumping the side of the car near by. However, I can't deny that keyless feature is just AWESOME, no more wasting time trying to look for the key especially after a shopping trip with kids.

      •   -   05/09/2018

        Another mini van lover here! I had to be convinced, and now you couldn't pry me away from those sliding doors :)

  •   -   04/16/2018

    I agree the keyless entry is great. I have to say one of my most favorite things about our minivan is the sliding doors. No more worrying about kids opening up their doors and bashing into the car next to us in a parking lot.

    •   -   04/16/2018

      Ha so funny! I just posted about this! It is my favorite part for sure!!!

  •   -   04/17/2018

    I guess I don't have a kid-friendly car, cause mine doesn't have ANY of those features! Haha :)

    •   -   04/18/2018

      Once you get a taste of keyless entry, you can never go back!! :)

      •   -   04/27/2018

        Although, there have been times where I can't find were I put my non-key!

  •   -   10/03/2018

    We once had a car with remote start and - during epic cold winters - this is a priceless add-on for the kids.

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