What is your family's favorite Fall activity?

Fall is my favorite season! Maybe it's because my birthday and my anniversary are both in September. But I also love the cooler weather and all the fun activities. So what does your family love most about Fall?

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  •   -   08/23/2018

    Always loved pumpkin patches until we moved to Texas- it's still 85 degrees outside in October so it's definitely a different experience than when we lived in the Northeast!

  •   -   08/23/2018

    Halloween, for sure! My kids are already deciding on costumes and it is still August!

  •   -   08/24/2018

    This is a tough one. I want to choose “all of the above”. My kids love going to the pumpkin farm every year for the fall festival which usually includes fun rides, yummy fall treats and of course pumpkins.

    •   -   09/04/2018

      I second that Katie. Fall is our favorite so we try to fit as much fall themed activities in as we can each year!

  •   -   08/23/2018

    My kids are (sadly) all about the candy. Even though they never eat even 1/4 of it. They do love a good hayride and farm activities too though!

  •   -   08/25/2018

    Leaf jumping is definitely a fall highlight for my energetic duo. At some point they drag the toddler slide over and jump off that for added thrills.

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