What is the ideal car for your family?

Big or small, your family needs to get from place to place. What is the best car to fit your family's needs? When we had 2 small children, a small sedan (with a roomy trunk) was perfect for our family. Once our brood grew to 4 children (with 2 big kids who play sports), we caved and got a mini-van. Silly "Soccer Mom" stigma aside, that van has been fantastic for our family!

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  •   -   04/06/2018

    We had a 3- and a 1-year-old when our car rental company upgraded us to a mini-van on a family vacation. The added space and uber-convenient features were such an incredible luxury compared to our (large) sedan, and we dreamed about getting our own mini van for years afterward. When we finally did, it was a real game changer - so comfortable and convenient!

    •   -   04/27/2018

      Couldn't agree more with 3 kids still in full size car seats, a mini-van is the way to go and the extra space is so nice for when taking road trips. We thought we don't really need a mini-van, until we used one and experienced the difference! Their is no going back now!!

    •   -   04/07/2018

      Agree. We love the mini van.

  •   -   04/07/2018

    I have a Prius that I love. Roomy enough for my two kids, great on gas, and easy to maintain!

  •   -   04/07/2018

    Another vote for the mini van. The automatic doors are SO convenient for kids to get in and out of. Now that my kids are older and can buckle themselves in, I love those doors even more. Our mini van is 8 years old with a lot of miles and I know it will be time for another car soon. No shame here in buying another mini van when the time comes.

  •   -   04/07/2018

    With just one small child, our compact hatchback has seen us through everything from car camping to trips to Ikea, and is really easy to park.

  •   -   04/13/2018

    I love my Highlander but I do envy the automatic and sliding doors of minivans. I cringe every time my kids fling open their doors and nearly ding the car next to us!

  •   -   04/15/2018

    Still in the sedan stage with baby #2 on the way. My husband wants us to get a van already, but I'd rather stick with my better gas mileage until we truly NEED the extra space!

  •   -   04/13/2018

    I love all of these mini-van responses! My husband had to talk me into our Odyssey and now I'm a convert. Love the auto sliding doors, all the space, kids can easily climb in... it's the greatest.

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