What is the best disposable diaper brand?

While cloth diapering has long been a goal of mine, twelve years and three kids later I have yet to achieve it! It's just so hard to pass on the convenience of disposable diapers, though most parents will agree that not all diapers are created equal! In your opinion, what is the best diaper brand for babies if you choose to go the disposable diaper route?

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  •   -   12/18/2017

    We were very happy with the Kirkland brand disposables from Costco.

    •   -   01/31/2018

      We used those too! So much cheaper than the brand name diapers.

    •   -   12/18/2017

      Is there anything Costco doesn't do well???

      •   -   12/18/2017

        Maybe, but I haven't found it yet!

  •   -   12/20/2017

    We used Target diapers with our first 2 kids! They were inexpensive and worked really well. Then we moved onto cloth diapers for babies 3 and 4!

    •   -   12/21/2017

      Ah, cloth diapers. A dream I fear we will never achieve! Maybe if #4 comes along some day, we’ll reach this as of yet unattainable goal!

  •   -   12/18/2017

    Walmart diapers worked great!

  •   -   10/03/2018

    We always used Pampers because we found we had less leaks/messes with that brand.

  •   -   09/10/2019

    I was always Team Pampers. I found they leaked the least of any diaper that was on the market.

  •   -   12/27/2017

    I found that Huggies brand worked better for boys. They seemed to have more absorbent padding up front than Pampers.

  •   -   04/24/2018

    We were able to use any brand for our first born but with baby number 2 and 3 everything will cause a rash even sensitive skin diapers only the Pampers ones worked... say goodbye for saving!

    •   -   02/12/2021

      Same here, only Pampers Pure keep our sensitive babies’ skin clear!

  •   -   04/26/2018

    Beginning to think we may switch now that blow outs seem less frequent, but currently use the Baby Dry Pampers because they have 12 hour protection for overnight! Any recommendations for extended protection that don't break the bank?

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