What is the appropriate age for kids to pack their own lunches?

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  •   -   09/14/2018

    Both of my kids help pack their own lunches on days they choose not to buy hot lunch at school. I often help them with "smarter" food choices but for the most part, they both do a great job of packing their own lunch.

  •   -   09/14/2018

    I'm such a control freak about lunches that I'll probably make them until my kids go to college. To be nice and give me a break my 7 year old and my husband made them today and I'm still shaking my head at what they packed.

    •   -   09/15/2018

      Lol! I hate to admit it but I think I’m right there with you.

  •   -   11/02/2021

    Mine have all taken to packing their own lunches. We have talked about what is required in their lunches and what some extras can be. Dad or Mom checks the contents before we leave for school.

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