They have a bad rap as the ultimately uncool parenting vehicle, but minivans serve the needs of many families with younger and/or lots of kiddos. What's your take? Share your reasoning in the comments!

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  •   -   05/06/2018

    I have a minivan and love the floor space for diaper changing, plus the flexibility of folding the back seats/moving my captain chairs around. And I only have two kids, so plenty of space for friends, too.

  •   -   05/09/2018

    Our SUV has proven to be perfect for our family right now since we have a baby and two dogs- the dogs are comfy in the large trunk on the dog beds when we go on long trips! When we have ore kids though I may have to break down and get a mini van. I'll just miss the trunk space!

    •   -   06/02/2021

      I own an SUV, and if I'm being honest, one of the big draws of that vehicle is that I don't have to say that I drive a minivan. I know it's immature and self-deceptive, but there it is.

    •   -   05/30/2018

      We got our mini van the month before I had my second. I love the trunk space in the mini van! Plus you can put the third row down to give you even more trunk space.

  •   -   05/06/2018

    We got our minivan the month before we had our second child. We've had the same van for 8 years now (and 3 kids) and sbsolutly love it! The sliding/automatic doors have to be my favorite feature and love that I can take several kids with me in a carpool.

  •   -   05/30/2018

    We have a 3rd row SUV which saved me from getting the minivan, but if I'm being honest, I'd drive a semi if it would keep my kids quiet and happy during long rides!

    •   -   10/03/2018

      We added a car safe iPad holder to the back of the seat so our SUV has some amenities that keep the kids busy for long drives... I can't bring myself to buy a minivan. I only have two kids. :)

  •   -   05/09/2019

    Am I the only parent that loves my compact? So easy to park and cheap to drive and maintain. I'd probably squeeze three kids in the back before going bigger.

  •   -   05/31/2018

    We recently borrowed a van to go on a road trip, and I have to say I'm sold on how convenient and comfortable it was. One feature I hadn't considered was the height of the seats. I've been dealing with a back injury for about 6 months now, so bending down to buckle my squirming toddler in his car seat has been hard. In the van, he was right in front of me! Also, sliding doors rock. There may be a van in my future.

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