What are your kids' favorite building toy?

It's not just blocks and legos anymore! There are so many options out there now for building and constructing and I enjoy these toys as much as my kids do.

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  •   -   06/11/2018

    Wooden blocks, magnatiles and Legos are all great and have been my kids favorites at different stages of their life. Even though my kids are older and don't play with them much anymore, we still keep all three types for when boredom strikes and they want to play with something different.

  •   -   06/12/2018

    Legos are huge at our house, but wooden blocks are a close second (and we also have magnatiles and K'nex, so that's saying something).

  •   -   06/13/2018

    Legos are hands down the favorite at our house. The magna yikes would be a close second though.

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