What are your kid's favorite pizza toppings?

May 18 is National Pizza Party Day and we celebrate with a Pizza Party! What are your kids favorite pizza toppings? We are always open to new toppings and new pizza experiences! Kids may not be as daring as adults but new toppings are an excellent way to try new foods, especially on a good, hot, pizza pie!

For the parents, try gourmet to tempt your taste buds. Pear, Fig and Gorgonzola, anyone?

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  •   -   05/10/2018

    I love this question and am curious to see the polls. My kids are so boring with cheese (and the occasional pepperoni). My husband and I order our own pizza and get them their own cheese. We LOVE gourmet pizzas. The crazier the better!

  •   -   11/04/2018

    My little goofballs love olives! They eat them by the handfuls but also love a good olive pizza.

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