What are the best potty training rewards?

My little guy is beginning to show an interest in using the potty, and I'd love to know what potty training incentives worked for your family!
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  •   -   01/25/2018

    The only thing that truly worked for us was waiting until the kids were actually ready and willing - there were no incentives that worked before that point, try as we might. But, once they were interested, wrapped gifts were very effective. We kept a basket filled with small presents (matchbox cars and other little trinkets), and the kids could open one after each successful trip. They loved the element of surprise and the fun of ripping open a gift.

    •   -   01/26/2018

      Waiting till they're ready is SO important!

  •   -   01/24/2018

    Oh this is a tough one. Every kid is different so you have to see what motivates him/her. We always started with a sticker chart, then moved to M&M's for #1 and Hershey kisses for #2. My boys needed a little extra push with #2 so I bought little presents that I wrapped at the dollar store and they'd get one every time they had a successful trip to the potty.

    •   -   01/25/2018

      Great tips! My little man is definitely motivated by anything edible, so I might get away with just using Ritz crackers as a reward. Ha! I'd still love to have as many options as possible in my arsenal to pull out, depending on how well he responds. I think Hershey kisses would be fun, since they get to unwrap each one like a present.

  •   -   01/30/2018

    This is super helpful. For our son, we used those little stampers as prizes, which he loved. You can buy a box of 50 on amazon for about $6, which we loved! Our daughter, on the other hand, she's gonna give us a run for our money. ;)

    •   -   01/31/2018

      What I'm learning here is that it's best to have about 27 inexpensive ideas ready to implement until you find the one that works. Haha! Never would have thought of stampers, but I'll add it to the list of possibilities!

  •   -   01/26/2018

    For my first child, I filled a bucket with Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars and he could pick one every time he used the potty. He was obsessed with cars at this time and it was the perfect incentive. He loved to see which one he got and add them to his collection. I could have offered my second child an entire toy store, every candy store in the state and all the stickers in the world but nothing was going to motivate him to go except himself.

    •   -   01/26/2018

      Ha! Gotta love how different kiddos can be!

  •   -   09/13/2018

    My tried and true method is to teach without any other incentive (besides praise) when they first show interest. Mine all do GREAT... Then just when they are practically diaper-free, they get bored and regress. That's when I pull out my little jar of M&M's. I give 1 for pee, 2 for poop. Sometimes they potty train overnight with the M&M's, and sometimes it takes MONTHS but they eventually get there! :)

  •   -   09/14/2018

    Um whatever I could find! My third child is so stuborn and refused to potty train. Finally her preschool said potty train her or she is not allowed back. So after trying every gadget out there, I just said we are giving your diapers and pull ups away. You are wearing underwear. So that is all it took. I wasted a lot of money when the solution cost nothing!

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