What age should a kid get a phone?

This has been a major topic of discussion with the tweens in my house! When did you feel your child/teen was in need of his or her own phone line, and was ready for the responsibility of having a cell phone? If your kids don't yet have their own phone, what age do you plan on providing one for them?

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  •   -   01/17/2018

    I've been wringing my hands over this one for a while! Most of my daughter's 5th grade classmates got a phone this year, but we are planning to wait until at least middle school. Since she is never without adult supervision now anyway, I figure she has no real need yet. Plus, she is happy without one, so I'm not rocking the boat!

  •   -   01/30/2018

    We haven't entered this world yet, but I know it's only a few short years away. I'd like to maybe when they are teenagers, or when they start high school.

  •   -   01/31/2020

    We decided to give our daughter a phone when she started middle school. She began having more independent/drop-off school and extracurricular activities, so it was helpful for her to be able to reach us. Of course, we also set limits on usage outside of those activities, and she really hasn’t become too into her phone. She usually doesn’t even know where it is!

  •   -   01/28/2018

    My 5th grader has one of our old phones that he can use on WiFi in the house to text with friends and play games, but he isn't allowed to take it to school. We plan to get him a phone next year when he is in middle school.

  •   -   01/17/2018

    In our school, 5th grade is when everyone gets a cell phone. So we will follow suit with this.

  •   -   07/16/2018

    Ideally I'd love to wait until my kids start driving, but I know that's not the world we live in anymore! I guess I'll have to wait and see what things are like in several years when my daughter is in elementary school and go from there.

    •   -   07/16/2018

      We just got one this weekend for our 10 year old. So far so good! She will be going into 5th Grade.

  •   -   01/18/2018

    My oldest is 9.5 and has his dads old phone that he can use on wifi only for texting with friends, watching netflix or playing games. The phone stays at home during the day and in our possession at night. Right now he doesn't use it that much so I don't see the need to rush the smartphone. I'm sure that'll all change in a few years though.

  •   -   04/03/2018

    Hopefully later rather than sooner but I can see her "needing" one when after school activities become a bit more involved. I also like the idea of starting with a more basic model.

  •   -   01/26/2023

    We are waiting for high school. I have two tweens, and they have simply never needed one, even with plenty of after school activities going on. They both text with friends on iPads when they are at home, and I think that's most of what they'd be doing on a phone anyway.

  •   -   01/26/2023

    My oldest was about 5 when her father got her a cellphone( with my permission ofc) but she really didnt use it until she was older. I decided to get her an iPhone when she was about 8( she is 10yrs old now) which has worked out because she's very responsible and she understands there are rules and consequences.

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