What age did your child start swim lessons?

Learning to swim can be life-saving, but it’s hard to know the best age to place a child in formal lessons. What age did your child start swim lessons?

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  •   -   09/14/2018

    Both of my kids started at about 20 months. it was fun to be in the water with them but I was happy when they graduated to the classes that did not require parent participation!

  •   -   09/16/2018

    With how many pools there are in Dallas and knowing my daughter will likely be swimming a lot, we just started lessons at 14 months. We have an 11 month old in our class who can already do 8-10 second under water, which is incredible to me. Swimming skills are so important for toddlers!

    •   -   09/17/2018

      Agree that a lot depends on exposure to pools/water as a measure for when to begin lessons! We are travelling in December to a seaside location (so I hope to have my 2 year old introduced to some fundamentals by then).

  •   -   10/15/2018

    Living in Central Ohio, our only real swim season is in the summer. All my kids started at 3 when they were potty trained and old enough to be in the water without me. They were all swimming independently by 4. Agree with everyone that it’s such an important thing to learn no matter the age.

  •   -   09/15/2018

    My kids did the parent participation classes and then on their own. My youngest still needs to be in lessons and the older one does well now as he passed the YMCA swim test.

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