It's most common with twins, but many parents choose to follow a pattern with their children's names. Think of the Duggars (all J names, one son uses all M names), the Kardashians (all K's), etcetera. Also, rhyming names/similar pronunciation names are somewhat pattern-like.

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  •   -   05/11/2018

    One son has the same first letter as me, and the other has the same first letter as his dad's name. But our pattern goes farther- the boys' names both end in -as, which was unintentional! Their dad's ends in s too.

  •   -   05/12/2018

    My husband and I both have middle names that start with E. He thought it would be fun to give our kids E middle names as well. Turns out there are lots of E names we both love, so it worked out great for us and the kids love sharing their middle initial with the rest of the fam.

  •   -   05/22/2018

    No pattern here, but I do love hearing about others who have followed one! A friend of mine has four children and their names all begin with "C".

  •   -   08/20/2018

    No intentional patterns for us. My oldest happens to have the same initials as my husband, but that was not planned.

  •   -   09/29/2018

    Both of my boys' names start with D but that was not intentional - just both names that I love!

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