On average, how many times a week do your kids eat fast food?

A lot of families lead busy lives, always on the go from one event to another. Unfortunately, because of this, there's not always time in the day to cook dinner. Many families turn to fast food when they are pressed for time and the kids are hungry. Although we all know it's not great for us to eat all the time, sometimes fast food is all that's available. So I want to know, how many times a week do your kids eat fast food?

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  •   -   09/02/2018

    I have a McDonald's cheeseburger-loving 5yo who literally begs me for McDonald's several times a week. To compromise I tell her she can have it once a week. At first I thought it was just the toy she was after and I stopped buying the Happy Meals, but she didn't care. As long as she has her cheeseburger and fries, she's happy.

    •   -   04/25/2019

      We're the same way with McDonald's sausage McMuffin - my son could eat one every day, but we've settled on once a week! :)

  •   -   09/02/2018

    This is tough because don't we all wish we spent less on eating out?? But we generally do fast food at least once a week with our busy schedule!

  •   -   09/03/2018

    My kids have a 5 pm swim lesson 25 minutes away and we often get McDonalds afterward. The kids are starving after lessons and it just keeps everyone happy if they eat shortly afterwards.

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