Married moms, did you keep your wedding dress?

Deciding what to do with the wedding dress can pose sentimental problems even for the most ruthless declutterer. Did you hang on to your wedding dress or send it on its way? Cast your vote, and let us know about the creative things you did with your dress (or why you chose to keep it) in the comments!

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  •   -   04/25/2019

    I kept mine for a few years but was happy to pass it on to a relative for her wedding, and haven't missed it!

  •   -   04/27/2019

    I still have mine sitting in a box in my basement. My mom preserved it for me after our wedding and it’s been in that box for 13.5 years! I do have a daughter so hoping that maybe she will want to “use” part of my dress for her own someday.

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