How old were your children when they stopped napping?

My daughter is one and we are having trouble with how many naps she should have in a day- which made me wonder how much longer she'll be napping! Did your kids keep napping through toddler ages?

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  •   -   07/31/2018

    Stopping naps is so tricky! My oldest refused to nap around 2 1/2 yrs old, then was a wreck by about 5 pm each day. My 2nd born happily napped at age 2 1/2, then wouldn't sleep until late at night (even if she napped for a short time). My 3rd born NEEDED that afternoon nap until she was about 4. Each child is so unique, it isn't easy to know the best age to give up naps. Good luck, Stephanie - will your daughter go down to 1 afternoon nap?

    •   -   07/31/2018

      It does sound like it's different for every child! There are days where she ends up only taking on nap because she sleeps in, and those days it's a midday nap. I'm not sure if we will end up dropping the morning or afternoon nap eventually!

  •   -   07/31/2018

    I agree that all kids are different. My oldest napped until almost 5, but my youngest stopped when she was about 2 or 3. It's really hard when they stop napping because kids clearly need the sleep. I did always like when they dropped down to the one afternoon nap, which would sometimes last almost 4 hours. I was able to get so much done at home! Good luck!

    •   -   07/31/2018

      My jaw just dropped at 4 hours. Fingers crossed that's in my future! ;)

  •   -   08/06/2018

    My youngest stopped at 18 months. I was devastated!!!

    •   -   08/07/2018

      Ouch! That's rough.

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