How often do your kids get sick?

Some kids seem like they have perpetually runny noses while others are shockingly immune to any and every bug that goes viral! How often do your kiddos get sick?

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  •   -   10/04/2018

    Seems like every other month right now..Ellie got one cold before she turned one which was awesome, and now since starting daycare it's been much more frequent. It's awful!

    •   -   10/04/2018

      Ah the dreaded daycare illness! I used to work at a daycare and every time a new tot started, someone got sick. Hopefully it settles down as she adjusts to the new environment.

  •   -   10/04/2018

    When they were in day care it was often, but I really believed that helped their immune systems. Knock on wood my second grader has been sick only a few times since elementary school started.

    •   -   10/04/2018

      I hope that's true about daycare helping their immune systems- because while you're going through it it's so painful!

  •   -   10/12/2018

    We've been pretty lucky the last couple of years with getting sick maybe just once or twice a year. It was a lot worse when they were younger and they brought everything home from school and infected the whole house!

  •   -   10/05/2018

    My kids went to morning preschool and rarely got sick. Now in elementary school, they get sick a couple of times a year, conveniently one kid will be sick Sunday - Wednesday and the other kid will get sick Thursday - Sunday, so I am home with one sick kid for a fun-filled full week!

    •   -   10/05/2018

      Yikes! That’s the worst.

  •   -   10/05/2018

    When mine were younger they seemed to get sick all the time. Now that they’re all in elementary school they get sick only a couple times a year. Somehow I’m the one who seems to catch bugs before the kids.

    •   -   10/11/2018

      I was just thinking this! Mine are 5 and 2.5, and I feel like my 5 yo is finally over the rampant toddler colds :) Just in time for 2.5 year old to start toddler classes and bring home the germs!

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