I consider myself pretty good at planning meals for the week and putting together a shopping list before going to guarantee I get everything I need. However, it never seems to fail me that I've forgotten something or we've run out of something like milk or bananas and I am making several trips to the store.

On average, how many times does your family go to the grocery store each week?

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  •   -   02/08/2019

    I'd love to make it a once a week errand, but I find myself going on average 2 times a week while even more some weeks. I'm good at planning out my meals for the week, but sometimes I find there is certain produce or ingredients I don't want to buy too far ahead plus there always seems to be something out at the store or only carried at a place like Whole Foods which necessitates another trip.

    •   -   02/08/2019

      Yes to all of this!!!

  •   -   02/08/2019

    I try not to go more than twice a week but sometimes I forget my list and have to go back, or the kids need something that I don't have on hand. Or I see a sale item that I can't pass up in the circular after the fact, so then go back...however sometimes that turns into me saying, I really don't need it after all and I talk myself out of it, thus taking another trip off my plate, so to speak.

  •   -   02/10/2019

    When we had just one or two kids, I used to go more often. The grocery story was an outing for us. Now that we've recently had our fourth, I try to go just once a week because it's harder to get out with all of the kids in tow (not to mention that they take up all of the room in the cart!)

  •   -   02/09/2019

    I used to get away with shopping once a week, but now that I have 2 teens (and a 2 yr old who eats more than the 5 yr old) I have to go twice. We are up to 6-7 gallons of milk a week. Anyone selling a dairy cow? 😂

    •   -   02/09/2019

      Oh my! That's a lot of milk. I think we're at 3-4 and my kids are 10.5, 8.5 and 6. I can't imagine when they are teenagers.

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