How many times a week does your family dine out or carry out from a restaurant?

With families busy schedules these days, sometimes its just easier to grab lunch or dinner on the go. Not having to shop, prep, cook and clean up after each meal can also be an appealing reason to head to your favorite restaurant or order carry out. How often does your family dine out per week?

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  •   -   02/04/2018

    I make food most nights but usually, on a Friday or Saturday, we will either venture out to dinner or bring something back home.

  •   -   02/04/2018

    I would say I cook Sunday through Thursday night, but I definitely enjoy the break on the weekends. Pizza is a staple on Friday nights and we will usually have lunch or dinner out on Saturday or Sunday or both. I have picky eaters so cooking dinner is the worst part of my day!

  •   -   02/09/2018

    If we're including lunch and dinner, it's usually at least 4 meals out per week. Two of my kids are super picky, so there's not much I can cook that they'll eat and I don't have time to cook multiple meals. Cooking and feeding my kids is probably the most stressful part of motherhood for me!

  •   -   02/09/2018

    I need a break from the mental and physical acts of cooking food once or twice a week, especially since my kids are picky and I too often spend dinner time begging my youngest just to eat a bite.

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