How many summer camps do you sign your children up for?

Our summer breaks are usually packed full of traveling, family adventures, hanging with friends and going to the pool. Along with all of that my kids like to attend summer day camps throughout the area. With so many different camps available, we try to schedule a few new ones and a select few, my kids want to return to each year. It's often hard to narrow down their picks and fit them into the schedule before break is over and they are back to school. How many different camps do your children attend each summer break?

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  •   -   03/26/2018

    I'm very lucky that my town's rec camp is super fun and popular with kids. It's wicked affordable, as far as camps go, and a full six hours every day for seven weeks. My husband and I split the remaining weeks of summer and the boys get a mix of camp and free time on their vacation from school. My kids will go to rec camp until they age out!

  •   -   04/07/2018

    We will probably do 2-3 camps this summer. One of our favorite teachers runs a museum adventures camp right after school gets out and we will also do our town rec camp plus probably a soccer camp at the end of the summer. We end up with a good mix of down time in the afternoons and most of the camp activities are over by the beginning of August so we have more free time then as well.

  •   -   06/01/2018

    I can't wait until my kids are older so they can both participate in camps! We haven't signed up for any yet because my preschooler is too young, and he'd be so disappointed if big bro was away having fun without him all summer.

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