How many nights, on average, does your family enjoy dinner together?

It seems like today, more than ever, it's hard to get the family together for a family dinner at home. Growing up we had family dinners almost every night. With busy schedules for work and kids activities, it seems like my family has trouble eating together during the week. How many nights does your family sit down for dinner together?
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  •   -   01/28/2018

    As my kids have gotten older and can wait later to eat, we strive to all eat dinner together nightly. It doesn't always work when juggling sport practices and other commitments but we try to make it work as much as possible.

  •   -   01/30/2018

    My husband also arrives home after the kids go to bed, so we only eat together as an entire family on the weekend. I'm always sitting with the kids at dinner, though often end up helping the baby and cleaning up spills rather than actually eating myself!

  •   -   01/31/2018

    We eat dinner together pretty much every night, but on the one night that my son has tennis in the evening, I feed the kiddos an early dinner and my husband and I look forward to takeout for a rare, quiet (although late!) dinner after the kids are in bed.

  •   -   01/24/2018

    Dinner together was a priority for my family when I was growing up, and I'm really glad to have those memories. So far we've been successful in making it work for our house, but my kids are still pretty young and I'm sure it will only get more challenging as they get older.

  •   -   01/24/2018

    My parents always made dinner a family time and I appreciate that now as a parent. My kids are young and get hungry early, therefore I often have to feed them before my husband, who commutes into the city, gets home. If it is just the kids and me I'll eat something small with them so that they still get the family dinner feeling. I hope I can keep the dinners together as they get older and busier.

  •   -   01/24/2018

    Sadly, my husband works later at night and my kids can't wait that late to eat so we only eat together on the weekends. Wish it was more often.

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