How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

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  •   -   01/24/2018

    I mostly work from home and my coffeemaker is on from 7 am until my morning meetings are done. When I do go into the office I practically go through withdrawal ;)

    •   -   01/24/2018

      Before I worked from home, I made far too many Starbucks stops. My budget is MUCH happier now (even though I'm still working on an accurate peppermint mocha substitute...)

      •   -   01/24/2018

        Let me know if you find one. I have yet to make a good cup of peppermint mocha coffee at home. I love peppermint and every K Cup I get with peppermint in it is disappointing.

        •   -   01/25/2018

          I never had luck with K Cups. I use an Aeropress for espresso-strength coffee and use half and half as my creamer. I've found that the peppermint flavor is pretty easy to get with any store-bought syrup, but the rich dark chocolate mocha flavor is what's so hard to replicate. It's unique to Starbucks.

  •   -   02/04/2018

    When I worked, I drank one cup in the morning and sometimes one more in the afternoon, which was completely sufficient. Now that I'm staying at home with my kids, I'm exhausted all the time and find myself drinking at least 3 cups a day!

  •   -   01/31/2018

    I am a former barista, so I would love to drink ALL THE COFFEE. I try to be responsible and keep it to just a couple cups a day.

  •   -   01/20/2018

    I only drink espresso. For some reason too much regular coffee makes me sick. As for Espresso, one or two depending on how my day is going!

    •   -   01/24/2018

      I'm the same! I have an Aeropress that makes espresso-strength coffee at home, so I've been loving that.

  •   -   01/24/2018

    Don't drink coffee, but I can't live without my mid-day diet coke!

    •   -   01/24/2018

      I know a lot of people who need a Diet Coke fix, so you're in good company!

  •   -   01/15/2019

    I have no tolerance for caffeine but do love herbal tea and decaf once in a while. But in the Summer I'll drink Iced Decaf most days.

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