How many Christmas cards do you send?

Holiday cards are a fun way to spread cheer, but the list can get quite long when you include extended family, co-workers, friends, teachers, and more.

Those of you who send them out, cast your vote below for how many Christmas cards you send each year on average, and let us know more in the comments!

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  •   -   12/16/2020

    We used to have a larger list of extended family and friends, 75+ at least, but we've since limited it to less than 15 immediate family members: grandparents, parents, and siblings. The rest we send virtual messages to. I love the idea and admire those cards that come in, but in recent years I've found it challenging to secure the whole ordeal (i.e., family photos, printing, updating addresses, who-to-send-to/ who-to-not-send-to, pricier stamps, environmental footprint, mail deadlines, etc.). I actually aspire to find a more simple way to accomplish this!

  •   -   01/14/2021

    Every year I try to cut back, but every year my husbands adds people back in. Haha!

  •   -   01/11/2021

    We have large families on both sides. We have moved a couple of times over the years and have tried to remain connected to friends through Christmas cards. We have all cards on display for most of the year. It is such a day brightener!

    •   -   01/12/2021

      We keep ours up all year, too! All of us enjoy standing in front of our Christmas card wall throughout the year - it always brings a smile to our face! We only bring them down once the first card for the new holiday season arrives.

    •   -   01/11/2021

      How fun that you keep them on display! We post all of ours on the pantry door as they come in, and love looking at them all throughout the holidays. I'm definitely keeping them up longer this year!

      •   -   01/12/2021

        Right? It also helped a lot with face and name connections for the kids when they were small!

  •   -   01/23/2021

    We still send out approximately 50-60 cards a year. It's definitely work to pull it all together but I really enjoy receiving cards from friends and family far and wide every year; especially now when we aren't able to be together. I keep a list each year where I track who we receive cards from. If it's been a few years since we received one then we decide if we want to take them off. Usually just when I decide to remove someone we get one from them again!

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