How long did you breastfeed for?

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  •   -   04/03/2019

    I’ve been breastfeeding since 2014 😂 3 different kids 4, 3 and 8 months

  •   -   04/08/2019

    I breastfed for a long time. With my first, we went 14 months and he self-weaned, which was great. I was already pregnant with my second and my oldest started to like whole milk. Then my second came along, and he ended up being dairy allergic. So I said, he will wean when he's ready. Well four years later and he still wasn't ready to wean (we were down to bedtime only by then). I then weaned him, it took nearly 2 months and it was torture. I fed him every other night and he screamed the other nights and I couldn't stop producing milk. It was awful.

    •   -   04/13/2019

      My littlest guy is allergic to dairy, too (and other foods), which has definitely led me nurse him longer than I did his big bro and sis. As we near two I’m thinking we’ll start weaning soon, but I suspect we might be in for a bit of a long road...wish us luck!!!

  •   -   04/17/2019

    I breastfed or more accurately exclusively pumped for three months with each of my kids. Pumping worked best for me and three months is what I felt gave them the nutrients needed to be off to a good start.

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